Photoshop enhanced image of Neptune. NASA had a pretty decent stock image of the planet, but there was some graininess to smooth out, and I wanted to add some shadow for depth and a nice starry backdrop.

Panel 3 of 4 from my student design for a museum display on comic art. Wanted to do a pic of Batman without actually showing him.

A study of some pears, done with acrylic wash. I took the tone darker here, just to see how sinister I could render fruit!

A quick album cover for a fictional band, done in Adobe Illustrator. Should I start a band, this will be our name!

Figure study done at SFA. Unfortunately, we had to draw male models as well as female. Fortunately, some studies came out really sharp, regardless of genetalia!

Freelance work done for Cee Sportsware. The middle section of the front samurai was eventually covered with the company's "Goon Skwad" logo, so I left it blank. My first freelance work, so a little rough around the edges, but still holds a special place in my heart.

Another figure study done at SFA, my first with white chalk and brown paper.

Photoshop generated image of Uranus. I created an educational booklet on the solar system during my last year at ACC, and used Photoshop to add star fields to NASA photos. Some planets, like Uranus, don't have clear enough pictures for me to touch up, so this one is 100% computer generated.


Projects done for fun that don’t necessarily fit …