A study of H.R. Giger (which rhymes with "eager", by the way). This is the foundation for a good deal of my art--the detail and bio-mechanical aspects of his work have always intrigued me.

Sketch and mockup for the Caesar poster found in my Graphic Design section. Didn't use it as my final design, but I like where this was going.

Illustration done for a collaborative book cover design for Ray Weeks' collection of zombie short stories. I expect the appropriately titled "Eat Me" to sell millions within the month.

An illustration done for my brother Sam, a huge Batman fan. Been a while since I had touched the superhero genre, but I'm pretty pleased overall.

Another of my freelance illustations for Cee Sportsware. Client wanted something "Frazetta-ish", and this is what he got.

Panel 4 of 4 in a student mockup for a comic book museum exhibition. Wanted to delve into the less mainstream comic book heroes, and being a child of the late 80's and early 90's, it was an easy pick.

Cee Sportsware freelance again, this one of the Headless Horseman.

Panel 1 of 4 in a student mockup for a comic book museum exhibition. I had to pick a character to represent Marvel Comics and could think of no better representative.


My beginnings and ongoing passion, pen and ink character illustration.

illustration, comic book art