"Shark Bite Brewery"

Fictional beer labels for a fictional beer. I got to use some illustration for this one, so it was a lot of fun.

Student magazine spread featuring an interview with Dan Houser, producer of the GTA games. Normally I would do my own illustrations, but I really wanted to spotlight the top-notch work Rockstar's design department puts out.

Logo designed for fictional company (underwater cruise lines). Had a lot of fun with the simplicity of the logo.

Student poster design done in Illustrator. I was going for the whole paper cut-out look with this one, trying to abstract a bit more than usual.

Logo design I did for my wife's dog training company. It's a slight play on the Triple Crown logo, the training academy my wife attended.

Submission for the ACC poster design competition in 2009.

Logo design for Wright Brothers Roofing, where the client insisted I integrate an airplane into the design. Due to the logo being meant for yard signs, I was able to play around with size a bit more than usual.

Book cover layout and design for Dostoevsky's classic, more student work.

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Graphic Design

Print work, logo design, and packaging.

Graphic Design