A self portrait done for Graphic Con, a portfolio exhibition from December 2009.

A piece of student work done solely with markers. Initially I was reluctant to use them for this piece, but I'm very happy with the result.

"Curiously Strong", a student advertisement showing how powerful Altoids really are.

A painting of one of the gods of guitar, done in acrylic.

A study of fruit done with acrylic wash and ink.

A piece done in marker and ink, with a few photoshop filters applied. Wanted a different take on the whole rodeo clown motif and this is what I came away with.

Model study done with white and purple charcoal on brown paper.

My first freelance job. Designed a series of t-shirt designs for Cee Sportsware based on playing cards. This is the suicide king.

Traditional Media

Traditional Media, my bread and butter–everything from pen and ink, to charcoal, to acrylics.

traditional illustration