Full name

Aaron Albin




Austin, TX


I got my start doing traditional illustration as a kid with the aspirations of becoming a comic book artist. As I got older, I did a bit of freelance illustration and design work and realized that the world of art was a lot bigger than I had given it credit for. After spending 5 years meandering about at SFASU as a drawing major/art history minor, I enrolled in ACC to pursue an AAS degree in Graphic Design, graduating in December 2009. While I would love to work in any design related field, my sneaky ambition is to one day work as a conceptual artist in an environment where I can really let my creativity do the heavy lifting, preferably movies or the video game industry.

Currently, I'm employed as a QA Associate at uShip.com, a really amazing idea for a website and a fantastic job for a nerdy tech geek like me. I do some art for fun on the side and some occasional freelance gigs, and am always ready to throw another design out there.